Fanfiction: Viewfinder series, To Find the Finder

Title: To Find the Finder
Category: Anime/Manga » Finder Series
Author: Windying
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Supernatural


Summary: what happen when you suddenly woke up one day with powers so powerfull that can destroy a whole city? what can you do when you know it in your very cells and heart that you can’t escape from him? Aki/Asami, Yunaki/Tsumori(OC),

Disclaimer: The finder series belong to its rightful owner, I am doing nothing but lets my imagination run wild.


Chapter One: The Meeting

The sky was dark all morning and in the afternoon, the clouds parts way into the horizon when Akihito Takaba step outside of this apartment, thinking of going to the drug store to get a couple of medicines for his headache. The headache started two nights ago and hasn’t left for even one minutes. He thinks that it will be gone in a couples of hours but didn’t thinks that it worth the troubles to go to a drug store or pharmacy to pick uo some medicine.

Before he got the headache, he recalled that he was having a nightmare, yet not so nightmare because it feel like the right things is going to happen to him yet the rightfully things that is going to be his down fall. Akihito was never a person to regrets his choices, so went that dream ended, he feel for the first time ever to know what it means to regrets. Not knowing what he dream about, Akihito just silently lets his tears fall down to his cheeks and fall back to sleep.

After that night, he went on a mission to take some photo for his photo class at college, after all, he is a college student who knows when the right times to takes a right classes it. He knows that choicing the classes would mean more money are involved but knowing himself well enough, it didn’t stop him from doing what he wants. Money was hard to come by but he himself have three party time jobs that going around every irrugularly. He works at a cafe three times a week, and fives hours every week at a bar. he also get works sometimes from news station or any photo related events that no one wants to take. Akihito knows that the dangerous and risks he risked will one day come to him. But he didn’t care either ways, life without risks is not his style.

As Akihito gets to the drugs store and asked the lady at the conter if they have anything that can stop headache.

“Young man, I’m sorry but all we have are not strong enough for the headache that you have mentions. You can try one of this medicine but I don’t think is strong enough” the lady at the counter explain kindly.

“Is find if is not strong enough. I just want it to tow down a bit for me to reach the pharmacy to buy want I need” He kindly reply back.

“… well, if is not too much trouble, I can tell you the nearest pharmacy that have the medicine that you need, but I’m afraid is not the kind that you would hace wanted..” she said hesitantly with a worry expressions on her face for the young man.

“thank you for your concern, If you could please” He said before paying for the medicine and ask for a bottle of water. As he try to pay for the water bottle, the lady smile at him and told him to take it as a gift. He smile shyly as he feel his headache throbbing in this head. As he take the bottle and open the medicine while the lady went to write down the location of the pharmacy for him. He force the three pills down his throat and swollow the water along with it.

As the lady return back with the directions an dhanded him the paper, she wishes him luck. He smile at her before going out into the nice afternoon. It seems like the weather that morning didn’t happen at all. The sky were blue and the clouds form figures that make him wanted to laugh if not for the throbbing headaches that he felt at the moment. As he follow the directions to pharmacy, he take in the scenery carefully around him, thinking that it would be great if he brought his camera with him. After all, is Sunday and is the only day for him to rest. Every other days were for school and jobs and his friends; Takato and Kou. As he walk, his thoughts went from one to another and before he notice it, he smash into a wall, making his headache more throbbing then before.

Asami was in the car with Kirishima and Suoh, going from his house to his met appoinment when he notice a blond young man walking in the side walk absentmindly.

“Suoh, slow down the car for a minute” He ordered as Suoh simple slow down and park in the sideway. Suoh look at Kirishima and meet the same ‘I have no clue why’ look on his face. Both of them have been working for Asami Ryuichi for eighteen years and they still don’t get him sometimes. their boss was a mystery and everything around him scream dangerous. Properly more danger the hell lord. Suoh almost smile at the though and quickly caught himself before doing so, caughting a look from Kirishima.

As Asami look at the young blond man, he feel his blood rise and his manhood react so quickly that cause himself to glare at his manhood. silently cursing himself for his reaction for someone he didn’t even know. He glare at the boy seeing that the young man is walking toward a wall. He look as something amusing happen and make him smile. He quickly shock his though at the thoughts. ‘what was that for?’ he though to himsef as his eyes never left the young man. The next thing that happen, even he himself was surprise.

Akihito stupid curse himself at the headache that’s forming more rapidly in his head. As he cruch down into the ground while rupping his forehead, not noticing that someone was watching him. As he wait for a minute for the pain to go away, he got up and continue walking toward the directions that the paper give him. He pouts when the directions point toward a little pharmacy a little ahead of him and bit his lower lips from screaming out loud in pain and he feel his headache forming again. The throbbing pain was worse this times, causing him to lean in the wall for support as he rope his head, tyring to lessen the pain.

After a minute or two as the pain reside and he look up at the sky again panting hard from the pain, he notice that a black car with the darkest window were near him, about ten feet away from him. He blushed as if he know that someone was starring at him. Feeling embarrasing, he quickly look away and start running to the pharmacy, nearly forgot this headache.

As he try to catch his breath when the door to the pharmacy automatic open and he steps inside. Breathing hard from the running, or so he though. As Akihito look around the store, he notices that the man in the counter was looking at him as if he had run a marathon. Akihito quickly got to his feet and felt that the headache is coming back. He make a hiss sound as he crutches his forehead while looking to the man in the counter with a painful expressions.

The man in the counter looks scared as if he felt the pain himself while running to Akihito.

“Sir, are you alright?” He said worryingly.

“I need some medicine for a headache” Akihito said while handling the man a paper with some notes on it.

While reading the notes, the man look a little shock and worry expressions form in his face.

“We have the medicine here but sir, can you tell me how long you have this so called headache already?” the man asked worrying.

Akihito feel like something’s wrong and try to control his headache before answering the man.

“Lets see, I think its being three days to four days since I last remember getting this headache. At the start, it wasn’t this bad but as times goes go, the pain become unbare able.” Akihito explain.

Seeing the man look more worry than before, he look into the mans eyes before asking the critical questions.

“Is something wrong with me?” He asked hesitantly. The man can hear the worry in his voices as he look at him.

“No, sir. Is just that the notes state the especific medicine and the med are rarely use, is use only when the patient themselves are in so much pain that any other med would not work for them any more.” The man explain.

“Well, is truth that the pain is getting unbare able. That’s why I’m here. Now, can I get the medicine?” he asked the man.

“Ah! Yes! Please sit down in the sit over there while I’ll get the med for you” He said stunderly.

As Akihito sit in the chair, trying to calm down his headache, his though drift back to the man in the black car. For some reason he can’t name, he blushes slyly went he notice that his thinking about someone he don’t even know or seen before. Shocking his head slowly to clear his though, he force his thought into something else as he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Asami was shock. He didn’t know what to do when the boy look at him. No, is more like at the window. Still, that face that blushes at him make his body react so strongly that he can feel his heart beat speeding up with the throbbing of his Asami curse silently at his own manhood trying to think of what to do when the boy suddenly run like mad away, leaving himself in the state that he found himself in. He let out a sign and look at the little figure that disappear in the corner.

Not knowing that he being stare at the corner for five minutes. Kirishima was starting to look worry.

“Asami-sama, is something wrong?” Kirishima asked worryingly. Not knowing why his boss is acting so unlike himself.

As Asami look at the front and notices that his acting weird. He quickly mask his emotion and face. Emotion? He though silently as he curse himself.

“Is nothing. Go to Shion.” He command as he noticed that Kirishima is looking worry and he glare at him, making Kirishima snapped out of his though.

“H-hai” Kirishima said as Suoh start to drive again. Until, he notice that Suoh was looking at a young blong man in the side walk.

“Suoh? You know him?” Kirishima asked.

Shocked that he got caught looking at the boy, not knowing that their boss was listening to the conversation with very high interest.

“Yes, His name is Takaba Akihito. His my relative.I noticed that he doesn’t look so good compare to the last times that I saw him. And to be honest, I’m worry about him…” Suoh let his voices out with a sign. After all, is being seven years since he last saw him, and seven years is a long times for someone like Takaba to grown up. Knowing the nature of the boy well enough.

“…Suoh, Why are you worrying about him?” Kirishima asked as he notice the look that the bodyguard was looking at the young man.

Suoh hesitantly look at Kirishima and tighten his hand on the wheel of the car as he look ahead with a worrying and unknow expression. Kirishima notice the look and it surprise him deeply because after all these years that they know each other, this is the first times that he saw those expression.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t say anymore than this. The boy could get killed just by the mentions of it” He explain with a look that said that ‘Whatever secrets there are, his lips is sealed for eternity’. As Kirishima look at the bodyguard and let out a signed just as they pull into the front door of the club. He notice that Suoh is already back into his bodyguard mode and the expressions is as stunt as his boss itself.

While Asami was listening to the conversation, the last part plugged his interest and curiousity so high that he himself wanted to make Suoh tell him everything but knowing his bodyguard, he notice that they didn’t known that he heard everything that his secretary adn bodyguard had talk about. Planning on having Suoh to tell him everything later, Asami slip his hand into his trouser and pick out his cancerous stick. Noticing that Kirishima already had a liter out and lite it for him. As his smoke the stick, he walk into the club, making every employee look at him and bow as he walk by with his head high, not giving a damn about the employee. Making his way to his office, he order Kirishima to bring him whatever documents that needs his signs. The secretary just bow at him and make his way to get the documents. Opening the evalator to this office, he notice that Suoh was looking distract.

“…Suoh, you need to tell me something?” he asked coldly.

Shocked that the boss notice his expression. Suoh quickly bow an apology.

“I’m sorry for being distracted, Asami-sama. Is nothing for you to concern, sir.” Suoh answer confirmly.

“Don’t give me that crap. If there’s nothing, someone like you would never look like that” Asami answer coldly as he glare at his bodyguard. After all, is not the first times that the bodyguard had that expressions on.

“…I’m sorry. But I’m just worry about my relative’s son.” He answer finally.

As the evalator open to the floor that Asami’s office’s at. He step out and walk to the door with Suoh behind him. As he open the door and step in, he order Suoh to follow him. As Asami seat in his seat with a cigar stick in his lips. He stare at Suoh, noticing that his every uncomfortable with the stare.

“I hear everything in the car. Now, what I want to know is ‘everything’ that you said in there” he order coldly as he glare with a warning in his eyes that make Suoh flinch.

“Asami-sama, I am sorry but I can not say any about that topic. Please understand.” He asked as he bow lowly and shut his eyes in hope that his boss would let the topic slide.

“Fine, but don’t think that I’m letting it slide. You will tell me everything in three days. You can have that times off and think about it” Asami command coldly as his glare at his bodyguard. The room was silent for a minute before Suoh answer a simple “Hai”.

Not liking the answer. He signal Suoh away. As the door close behind him. Asami though shift back to the blong young man, noticing that his manhood is throbbing again. Only this times more tightly and he groan in frustrations.

“I will know anything that I want to know, Suoh” he said to the silent room as he inhale in the cigar and glare at the door. Outside the room, Suoh suddenly got a chill and cold sweats form in his head. Silently he walk to the evalator to leave the day, feeling lost as he though about what his boss had said. He know that the times that he get will be use for thinking about what the boss had command.

Signing, he notice that Kirishima is getting out of the evalator.

“Kirishima-san, the boss want me to leave for three days. So, please have someone guard him for that times being.” He told Kirishima, noticing that Kirishima wanted to asked something. Suoh simple shake his head, stopping Kirishima from asking before leaving.

“Fine, but you are going to explain everything later” He said before Suoh disapear behind the close evalator’s door. As he walk to his boss office, he simple sighs out loud. Knowing full well what is going to happen once his in his boss’s office.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Title: To Find the Finder

Chapter: 2 The Changes

Suoh enter into the apartment below Asama-sama’s penthouse looking really tire. Usually, he is not this tire. Even when his boss run them around all day to look for information. However, this time, his entirely tire for a whole different reason. The afternoon that they went through rush back into his mind as he think about what his boss has told him clearly. Three days, huh? Suoh thought as he make his way into the kitchen for some lunch and dinner before taking a shower. After his finish with his food, he quickly make his way to the bathroom and take a quick shower to clear his mind. Leaving the bathroom, he notice that the afternoon are turning dark and the inside of this little home become dark. Signing as he went to his own bedroom and drop his own body against the soft mattress. As he’s about to drift of to sleep, he replay what happen this afternoon again in his head to make sure that he didn’t forget who he is and what he have to in three day. Before he know its, he’s already out like a log. While dreaming a nightmare so real that it could shake the world in half.

Asami Ryuichi isn’t just anybody. He’s one of the most powerful demon in the realm of the death but stuff happen and he have to limited his powers to the point of human level, however when nights reaches, all his powers run deep in his blood and nothing can stay in his way… he take ten years to live and work in the Human realm. During that time, he has rising to be the Underworld’s biggest figure and one of the most power figure in society. Even in daylight, Asami is still more powerful then fifteen full adult together, with or without guns.

As Kirishima enter the office, he notice that his boss is not in the greatest mode. First, the boss’s back is facing him. Second, the air is way too tense. Third, Suoh must have say something to his boss, knowing full well the face that Suoh make when leaving the club.

“Asami-sama, these are the documents that needed your immediate attentions” Kirishima says as he put the files on the boss’s desk.

“Kirishima, what would you and Suoh talking about in the car?” Asami asked without any hesitant.

The instant Asami ask that, his secretary look shock for a second before fixing his mask back into the secretary face.

“Asami-sama, Suoh was looking at a blond young man with a concern look and I noticed its so I just asked if he know the boy” Kirishima answer firmly. He know that is not his business to dig into things that he need to know. He is Asami Ryuichi’s secretary and will follow his order with absolute royal.

Asami just stare at Kirishima, looking for faulty in his face. Finding none, he let the topic drop. But before he drop it, he asked one last time. “So, Suoh knew that young boy?” he asked.

“Ha” was the only answer the secretary know how to answer to. It look like things are going to end there even if Asami wanted to know more. With a signal, the secretary was gone in second. As Asami look at the files and back into the door, he know that he have to concentrate at the file before his thought went back to a certain young man. As his flips though the documents, a knock come in at the door. Without looking at it. He say ‘Come in’. Just as he say that, Kirishima enter the office.

“What is it?” Asami asked without looking away from the files of document.

“Asami-sama, May I ask who would you like to accompany you today since you have giving Suoh some day off?” Kirishima asked carefully.

“hmm… you know what? Called Suoh to see who he have in mind. If there’s no answer, tell him to come here in one hour. I need to talk to him.” He said without bothering a glare at his secretary. “Hai, Asami-sama.” Kirishima answer as he toke his phone and a minute later he turn to Asami. “Asami-sama, Suoh say that he’ll be here in forty minutes” Kirishima answer after the phone call. As sign for the secretary to leave him alone. Kirishima was gone in no more then one second.

As Asami attentions went back to the files at hand, he feel the atmosphere changes, slowly but very surely and very stabilize changes. Suddenly, he was very excited and the air around him glow like a star.

When Akihito get home with the headache still throbbing like a nail was being hammer into his brain, he pass out in the hall without taking off his shoes and jacket. By the times that we come back up, he thought for sure that couples hours already past, however the clock on the wall only have move forward fifteen minutes as he look at. Trying to get up without the throbbing in his head, he notice that the medicine he got an hour ago was drop on the floor, bending to pick it off the floor and holding it in his chest as if is his life. Well, almost his life. Akihito thought. As we carefully make his way to the couch and seat there slowly, trying to killed his headache. Slowly rising from the couch as he, make his way to the kitchen for water. Grabbing the cup and rise it before pouring the water from the bottle into it and making his way back to the couch where the medicine are. Sitting down slowly as he try not to shake the water from his cup.

After a minute, Akihito open the plastic bag and dig out the medicine that he just brought. Tying to recalled what the physician had told him about the medicine.

“Takaba-san, This medicine is very powerful and might cause you to be very drowsy so please do not take it during the day. For the day, try to take the medicine that you brought before coming here instead, however, please don’t take it more then twice a day. Otherwise, you will pass out for day and the headache still wouldn’t be gone. For that, please take this medicine after you fully eat and know for sure that you wouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night. There are some symptoms that you need to be carefully of; First, please don’t drink any warm water with this medicine. Second, take only one pill per day, anymore and you could have a blood circulation. Third, if in three day and the medicine didn’t work. Stop taking it, you can get killed by taking this medicine that doesn’t seems to work. Fourth, if the pill changes its color, please called us right away and DO NOT take the pill. And lastly, if there is any nosebleed you have, please called us as fast as possible because your life might be in danger. Those are the conditions that you must agree to before I give you the medicine. Is that all right with you?” The physician asked in a tune that mean absolute power and authority.

As quickly as he want to go home and sleep, he agree and brought the medicine home.

Akihito stare at the medicine and wanted to take right there but refrain from doing so. As he make his way to the kitchen to make something to eat before taking the medicine. Opening the refrigerator, he look inside and notice that some if the ingredient needed to be eaten before it expired. Making up his mind quick and take out the ingredient that he need. He works his way into the food for no more the five minute and everything is already done.

Before eating, he make sure to clean everything first and then eat after the clean up. Not noticing that the knife in his hand, he nearly cut himself in the stomach, with only a slash across his palm as blood trail down is hand. Quickly to stop the blood, he licks his hand and noticing that the blood are slowly stopping. Grabbing a table cloth from the hanger and wrap it around his palm. He wince at the throbbing from the headache and the hand at the same times. Making his way to the table and seat down where is foods are at, thanking himself that is not his right hand that get hurt. As he start eating, he didn’t notice that the pills that he brought already change from light blue to dark purple.

After eating his full and wash away the dish, he make his way to the couch and take out the medicine. Looking at the medicine, he feel a little nervous as if every cells in his body told him not to take the medicine. Recalling the conditions, he look at all the pills and noticing that they are the same color. Rising his eye brown as he stupid the medicine, not wanting to take it but then a sudden throbbing of pain make its way to his head and he fall down into the couch coughing and panting at the same times. Desperately wanted the pain to go away, he toke the medicine into his hand, not even notice that the cloth on his left hand already fell to the floor. With medicine in left hand, he grab the cup of water in his right hand. Not looking at the medicine at all, not knowing that the blood in his hand has change the pills from dark purple to total black, throwing the medicine into his throat as he chunk down the water in two gaps.

Panting and sweats forming in his body. Akihito decide to take a quick shower before going to sleep. As best as he can, he make his way into the bathroom and seven minutes later, he come out feeling more refresh. Making his way to his bed, he quickly get under his blanket. Falling sleep in no time at all, Akihito didn’t notice that he’s hair color is changing every ten minutes from white to red to blue to gray and to every other colors every other ten minutes. From long hair to short hair every three hours.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Title: To Find the Finder

Chapter: 3 Friends and Confusions

Suoh woke up from a nightmare that he can’t make out of, not knowing what just happen, he notice that he’s panting very hard and there’s cold sweats all over his body. Closing his eyes to calm himself down, feeling more worse than better at it. Finally, decided that he need to get over it, he start to breath very hard in and out, wanted to get it out off his systems as soon a possible. All he knows is that he need another shower. Turning to look at the clock, he notice that he’s only been sleeping for three hours, not feeling tired but scared for a minute, Suoh decided to get up and went to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, coming out with wet hairs and feeling better.

Suoh try to think as to what just happen in his dream that can make him this scare. Even when his boss loses his temper is not this bad. The shiver that he feel in the office can not be compare to what he feel right now. All he knows for sure is that things are going to change and fast too. The fear and the feeling that whatever is coming is very powerful and its in need of help can not left Suoh’s mind. Takaba-kun. Suoh thought.

Shocked that the first person to come to mind is his relative’s son. He knows that whatever is going to happen to Takaba-kun is not going to make him happy, knowing the young man’s personality very well. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he let of a breath that he didn’t know he was holding on to. Just as he started to clear his mind off this matter, the phone ring.

“Hai, Kirishima-san?” Suoh answer after looking at the caller ID.

“Suoh, Asami-sama wanted to know if you have anyone in mind to guard him for the next three days” Kirishima asked.

“Iee, Kirishima-san. I leave that matter to you.” Suoh answer firmly.

“No, Asami-sama wanted you to come in the office in an hour. He said he need to talk to you. Is properly something that he want you to look at.” Kirishima told him with a concern voice with a stunt mask on.

“Hai, I will be there in forty minutes,” wanting to get over this feeling of fear and the feeling that his relative is in trouble as fast as possible. The only thing that can make his mind drift to it with concentrations is work. Hanging the phone. He take a quick breath before getting ready. In five minutes, he’s out the door with all the necessary for the night. He notice that outside is getting rather cold, which is weird. After all, is the hottest month of the year, July. Taking a deep breath, he notice that he can see his breath smoking out off his lung. Feeling that something’s going to happen and whatever it is, Suoh knows it that he will need all the energy in his body to counter its.

Walking to the basement for the limo that Asami-sama give him the key for. He start to drive to club Shion with little concentration. Thinking over what Asami-sama had told him this afternoon and his nightmare, he decided to answer whatever questions that Asami-sama might have for him but not any secrets. He needed to asked Takaba-kun before he answer anything, but decided against it. He knows that the boss is not going to like what he told him. Suoh is a half-wolf-half-human after all. His survival instinct is higher than all the full wolves because of the hard ships that he’d gone through in the past. Being a half being is very bad especially because of the power that he’d born with, higher and more uncontrollable then all the others. That alone make him a target.

At least until he met Asami-sama. Things happen and before he knows if, he’s working for the hell lord with unquestioned royalty. Knowing that he will have to tell his boss the truth whether he likes it or not. With a firm decision, he park the car in the back of the club as he went to the back door and the guard there opens it for him, knowing who he is. With a head held high, he left for the boss’s office with full concentrations and confident. After all, he is Asami-sama’s loyal bodyguard and knowing the business they’re in, no concentration is suicide.

Find him, my son. Find your soul-mate, for he will be the one who you need and needs you. Find him before they find you. Find him and seek him out. For that, you will face the up coming obstacle with him. He will protect you whether you wants it or not. The prophecy need to be fill and the both of you need one another. Follow your heart and make your decisions not on logic and reasons, but with your very soul on the line, my son. The times has come for you to fulfill your unanswered promise. Don’t leave him. Don’t die for him and don’t let he die for you. Good bye, my son. Don’t forget this promise that you made today. You will need it.

Akihito Takaba wake up from the dream like instance panting with tears in his eyes. He can feel that something is wrong is the voice in his dream, like its fading away and he can’t do anything about it. He start to cry silently as the tears in his eyes come from his emotion. Feeling very hot and sweating from the night, he look to the window and notice that is almost morning. Getting up and shaking his head to clear his thoughts, smacking his face to calm himself down. He make his way to the bathroom for a quick showers, not noticing that his headache is long gone.

When he come out of the bathroom, he looks at his hand and notice that the wound there is gone. No scar whatsoever can be found in his palm, feeling confuse and looking at his left hand. Was it a dream? He thought. Coming to the kitchen, he notice the blood on the kitchen floor and make his way to the living room, finding the bloody cloth in the table where he eat dinner last night. Sketching his head, feeling confuse as he seat in the couch. What happen yesterday? He asked himself. As memory started to come back, he stand up fast and notice that his headache is long gone. Touching his head like his looking for wound, he breath out loud thinking that he’s lucky to have the headache gone, not noticing that his hair is a different color.

Making his way to the kitchen for breakfast and to make a bento for lunch, while there he take the bloody cloth from the table and stare at it. Where did this come from? He thought. There’s no wound on me at all from yesterday, so where did this come from? Ah!, the knife in the kitchen! I didn’t put it away! As he curse himself and walk fast to the kitchen, the memory from the accident flow back to him as he stare at his hand. What just happen? Where did my wound gone to? He asked himself, feeling confuse. Ah! Whatever! I don’t care anymore! He told himself as he clean away the blood on the floor and throw the bloody cloth away in the trash.

After making his bento and breakfast, he eat as he look around the room for his phone, noticed that the phone’s right by the TV table, he get up and grab it along with this backpack beside the TV table. Coming back to the couch and just as he finish eating. He’s phone ring. Forgetting about the dream.

“Hello, Kou? What’s wrong? Why are you calling me this early?” he ask his friend on the phone.

“Aki-chan! I forgot my homework for first class! Can I copy yours?” Kou asked desperately on the phone. Akihito can tell on his phone’s that Kou’s almost in tears screaming out his desperation.

“Oh shit! I forgot mine, too. I still have two hour to finish it. I’m doing it right now. So, come over. And call Takato if he wanted to come, too.” He told his friend as he clean the table off his breakfast.

After finishing cleaning and washing the dishes, he open his backpack and take out his first class homework putting it on the while opening it to the page that he need to do. Akihito read the notes and the questions that he need to write for today. Taking out another notebook for clean sheet of line paper, he started to write and answer the questions with full concentration. After ten minutes he put his pen down and start to read his writing, checking and correcting any mistake. Then reread it again to double check the paper. Just as he finish checking the paper, the door open and Kou ran from the door to seat across him, rushing out his supplies.

“Kou! Take off your shoes first!” Takato yield from the hallway.

“Ah! I forgot!” Kou called out as he make his way back to the hallway to take off his shoes, while Takato come seat beside Akihito.

“Are you finish with that? Cause I want to work on the homework from first class” Takato asked, noticing that Akihito is not working on Calculus but Writing in stand.

“What? You didn’t do your homework, too? I thought that for sure you wouldn’t forgot.” Akihito response with a smirk in his face.

“Yeah, I didn’t finished it. I don’t know how to do the last four problem. The professor didn’t explain it clearly enough on how to do it.” Takato complain while getting his supplies out of his backpack.

Kou and Takato both know that math is nothing for Akihito at all. After all, he passes all the require math classes with straight As plus, the only things that he has problem in is biology. Yet, he pass that class with B plus. It wasn’t hard but he couldn’t even understand of what they learned. Every other science class is ‘No Problem’ zone. A straight zone. Finishing all high school classes with As and B’s, making it to the top fifteen is a miracles for Akihito Takaba, considering that he misses almost one class per day for all of his high school days. The times that he went for his part times jobs and photographing for some money and for personal curiosity. Yet, he made it to the top fifteen. Making all the teachers and classmates gap at him, except for Takato and Kou. Who knows him since childhood, especially his personality and temper.

There was one times that a guy approach Akihito and make Kou and Takato very protective of him. He start dating that guy for a couple of months and then break up because of him cheating on Akihito for a girls, but Akihito didn’t even budge when that happen. It makes Takato and Kou thinks that their friend didn’t even know what jealousy mean or that Akihito didn’t even like the guy in the first place. Which wasn’t truth, Akihito really like him but there’s something that’s just missing and he can’t bring himself to love the guy like a boyfriend but rather friend. After that time, he dated a couple of girls but didn’t last long either. It will always end with they apologizing for cheating and or that they don’t think that they are meant to be together. Akihito just stare at the girl and walk away from them, not wanting them to feel bad for hurting him with their words. After all, he didn’t hate them nor thinks that is their fault.

“Aki-chan! Help me with Calculus! The professor sucks at explaining the general information in class. I can’t even understand half of what he meant. Can you explain it better?” Kou asked in desperation while taking a seat in front of Akihito.

“I can try. The professor doesn’t understand it fully either. Okay, hey! Open your textbook first!” Akihito told them with authority. As Kou and Takato open their textbook, Akihito begin explain slowly about each examples and notes. With Kou and Takato taking notes very concentrated, rising hand when have questions, and then having Akihito shows them in easily understand terms on how each problem can be solved. Kou was taking notes with little details while Takato take full notes on what Akihito told them. After twenty minutes, Akihito stop talking and do his own homework while his friends did their own. In ten minutes, Akihito was finish. As kou asked for help on how to do the last two problem, Akihito shows them how to do the other twos already, Akihito explain the steps and the hows and when to use them steps. In ten minutes, Takato finished and then fifteen minutes later, Kou finished too.

“Ahh! Finally finish!” Kou and Takato both cheers. Making Akihito laugh at them.

Looking at the clock in the wall, Akihito notice that they will have to leave in ten minutes to go to school.

“Hey, is almost time. If you guys want to use the bathroom then use it before we go” Akihito remind them. As Kou and Takato take turn to the bathroom, Akihito prepare his stuff.

“Oh my god! Aki-chan! What happens to your hair?!” Takato asked in disbelieve and shock, looking at Akihito’s hair.

“Huh? What do you mean my hair? I don’t have bed hair.” Akihito asked knowing that he never get bed hair. Feeling confuse at what Takato mean, when Kou come from the bathroom with shocked eyed.

“…” Akihito look at his friends as if they have gone crazy. Not knowing what they meant, Akihito make his way to the bathroom when Kou stop him and pull him to the couch, slumming him against the couch with full force.

“Oh shit! Akihito, what the hell did you do to your hair?!” Kou asked Akihito while shaking his shoulder.

“Ouch! Guys, what the hell’s your problem! That hurt!” Akihito yield making Kou stop shaking him. Looking at Kou and Takato in shocks, wondering what the hell do they meant.

“Aki-chan! Your hair’s RED! And your eyes!” Takato told him in shock and desperately while Kou looks at him in confusing.

“what they hell do you mean? My hair is blond and eyes are hazel color! Not red!” Akihito snap back to his friend.

Kou and Takato look at each other in confusions and then turn to Akihito, looking at him in confusions and Akihito can tell that somethings off. Staring at his friend in confusing and fear at what the mean, he snap and ran to the bathroom slumming the door open and stare at the mirror. In confusing, Akihito stare at himself in shock and disbelieve. When both Kou and Takato come in the bathroom with him, he stare back at them in confusions and shock, making this friend feel sorry for him.

“Aki-chan, what happen? I didn’t even notice that your hair’s red when we came in here.” Takato barely whisper.

“I noticed it. But is wasn’t red. It was golden, making me think that maybe because of the lights in the room making it look like that.” kou reply in soft voice with confusions.

“what do you mean by that?” Takato and Akihito asked at the same time.

Silent sink the bathroom as three friends stare at each other in confusions and in shock. Just then, they both notices that Akihito’s hair change to dark blue from the tips of the hair to the root while Akihito’s eyes changes to light blue. Staring wild eyed at Akihito in shock, Kou and Takato look at each other then at Akihito then back at each other before they both scream at the top of their lung.

As Asami was about to called for Suoh, a knock come from the door. Giving permission for the entrance, Suoh come in looking very as white as a sheet. Blinking at Suoh, Asami give him a surprise look on his face at Suoh. Noticing the look that his boss give him, Suoh look back confusion.

“Asami-sama? Is something wrong?” Suoh asked hesitantly in confusion.

Asami look at Suoh in a ‘I can’t believe what I see’ look, making Suoh more confusing. As Suoh stare confusedly at his boss, a light knock sounded from the door as Kirishima come in. Upon seeing Suoh, Kirishima gasp and the files in his hand slips and hit the floor. Looking at Kirishima and Asami in confusing, Suoh can only stare back and ford between hiss boss and Kirishima.

“Suoh, what the hell did you did to yourself? You look as white as a sheet. And what the hell happen to your hair? Is gray.” Kirishima asked in disbelieve and stunt at what the bodyguard had changed.

“What do you mean, Kirishima-san?” Suoh asked while looking back and ford between his boss and Kirishima. Just as Kirishima was about to answer, Asama press something in his table and a mirror replace the painting in the wall too Suoh’s left. Suoh look at Asami in confusing before looking at Kirishima.

“Seeing is believing” Asami say in amusing while pointing to mirror. As Suoh steps toward the mirror, seeing his reflections on the mirror. Suoh simple stare at himself in shock and fear. Sensing this, Asami glare carefully at his bodyguard, noticing that the fear in his eyes are more than from his own hair color or his expression. Sensing that there’s a faint magic from the hair. He knows that Suoh can not use magic so something must happen.

“Suoh, explain.” Asami command coldly as he glared at Suoh.

“Asami-sama, I don’t know what happen.” Suoh answer weakly with confusion.

“Suoh, you can’t use magic so why are there a faint smell of magic in your hair?” Kirishima asked cautiously while looking at Suoh’s expression. Staring at Kirishima in confusion as he look back to his reflection.

“Suoh, come here.” Asami signal for Suoh to come and kneel in-front of him. Working with Asami for so long, Suoh knew why he have to kneel down. Not that he minded at all. Kneeling down looking at his boss’s brand shoes. Head down and bowing while kneeling. Asami look and stupid the hair carefully before telling Suoh to get back up.

“Suoh, I know that you don’t know magic. Of course, you didn’t you it to your hair because the magic in your hair is natural.” Asami explain while looking really amusing at his bodyguard causing the bodyguard to look at him, making him smirk;

“Asami-sama, I don’t understand what you mean by that. I’m sorry” Suoh reply looking rejected. Before Asami answer, he signal for Kirishima to answer in his stand.

“Asami-sama mean that it happen naturally and you didn’t do anything to it. Natural magic can not be erase and no one can conjure it. Meaning that no one did it to you, and you didn’t do it too. Is simple that your getting old.” Kirishima explain with a smile making Asami smirk at the explanation.

Blinking at what Kirishima had said, Suoh frown at the explanation. Is impossible because he’s a half and can not age like the full ones.

“That is impossible, Kirishima-san. I am half. Natural doesn’t apply to me, beside I am only forty two years old. You will have to be in the sixty for your hairs to changes color in natural. Unless…” he trail off as the fear that he felt in the dream came back full force making me shrink in shiver. Sensing this, Asami frown at Suoh, making the air tense in the room.

“Suoh, spit it out. All of it.” Asami glared at Suoh and frown, not feeling happy at all. The smirk from earlier is long gone along with the amusement. He didn’t like it when his employee didn’t understand that absolute loyalty to him mean absolute no secret can keep from him. He will use his power if necessary, after all, is already night times.

Suoh look at his loyal boss, not wanting to explain but knowing that he can not hide from him. Making up his mind and take a deep breath before starting the explanation. He look at Kirishima before clearing his mind to tell his boss and Kirishima.

“Is a curse and prophecy that happen one hundred and twenty years ago…” he began before realizing that someone else at the door.

“Who’s there?!” He snap at the door while Asami attention caught to the door with Kirishima. Cursing were heard from the other side of the door before Suoh and Kirishima move so fast in a spite second. Opening the door and running to the intruder. In a second, Suoh was already in front of the intruder face, smacking his face with full force, knocking him out in three second; the times that it take for Suoh to move from Asami’s office to knock out the intruder.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here. A spy and a traitor.” Asami walk slowly after Kirishima. Anyone who work with Asami can tell that the boss is very amusing and will be looking forward to the punishment that he plan to give out later. All the employees in the club suddenly shivers as they can tell that someone’s going to die at the hand of the hell lord’s hand in no time at all. Even the staff in the kitchen can feel the cold shiver, where is the hottest place in the club.

As Asami walk down the hall to where Suoh had knock out the intruder with a smirk and a smile on his face, making Suoh and Kirishima look at each other, knowing full well at what’s going to happen.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Title: To Find the Finder

Chapter: 4 The Interrogation Warning

A/N: okay, sorry for the cliffhanger! That’s what writing story is about so please don’t hate me.

Honestly, I don’t even know what kind of being is Akihito going to be…because I write story without a plot line or any background… Just straight from my imagination… so sorry if is not what you wanted.

“Ahhh!” Kou and Takato scream at the top of the lung together, making Akihito cover his ears in reflects. With they being together for so long, Akihito known how loud they are going to be when they scream. Lets just said that is enough to bleed your ears. The scream was so loud that almost make Akihito snap in angry, just then the light in the bathroom shutter and silents fell the room. Staring at his friends, Akihito make a disbelieve face.

“I can not believe that both of your voices just destroy my bathroom’s light like that” Akihito says in surprise and disbelieve, making a ‘I don’t believe what just happen face’ at his friends. Looking guilty, they both cough and push Akihito out of the bathroom, afraid that he might hurt himself if the shuttered glasses caught him.

“Aki-chan, did the light hit you?” Takato asked in a worry voices and make Akihito signed in respond. He knows that his friend are just worrying about him, but honest, they worry too much sometimes. But then he can’t blame them either because he’s just a regular human, unlike both of his friends, who can use magic and spell. Well, not so regular now, considering his hair and eye colors. But then again, he’s properly never was normal or regular, considering what he is in the past and presents. I am, who in the world is normal? He asked himself.

“I am fine but the light isn’t.” He reply back while making a face at his friends, resulting them to both look in the floor looking guilty. He cough twice before his friends look at him.

“We have five minutes left before we must go. So, please don’t asked too many questions because, honestly, I wanted to asked myself some important questions too.” Akihito said in a tone that his friends knows well. The only times that he use that particular tone is only when they both well be asking questions that Akihito will not be able to answer because of; one, not knowing the answer. Two, knowing the answer but want them to answer it themselves. Or Three, there isn’t an answer to the questions yet. The later reasons would fit this current situations, they both look at each other before nodding to Akihito.

“Okay then, tell us what you know first then we’ll talk more later.” Kou finally decided to said while Takato just nodded in agreement. Signing out loud before taking a seat in his one and only couch, Akihito signal for his friends to seat as well.

“Well, one thing I know for sure is that this is the first time that my hair or eyes change color. And I didn’t even noticed it until you guys shout it out at me. I don’t even wanted to believe what I see myself. Because both of you knows that I am just a regular human, I can not use magic nor spell to turn my hair or eye, And you both knows that magic or spell doesn’t work on me. So, the only conclusions that I can make out is that… I MUST HAVE GONE CRAZY!” Akihito explain while shouting the last line out loud with both hands at his head, trying to tug it before Kou reach for his left hand while Takato reach for his right hand, both try to stop him.

Upon touching his hands, a force push both Kou and Takato off their feet, landing them ten feet away from Akihito. Noticing what just happen, Akihito look at his friend while looking surprise and shock at the same time.

“Takato! Kou! Are you two alright?!” Akihito ask worriedly, rushing to his friends.

“Wow, Aki-chan. What just happen there for a sec.?” Kou asked in confusing. The force wasn’t strong enough to killed them but a normal human would get knock out for days. They both knows that whatever is happening isn’t something that all of them could explain. Sitting up with Akihito’s help, Takato walk over to them looking confusing, the face that read: what the fu** just happen and how did it happen? Kou and Takato both know the level of Akihito’s strength but they also knows that he can not use magic or spell. So, what just happen? Because is obvious that the force that push them back was a very very strong magic spell. Ones that Akihito properly remember from lessons.

Not knowing what to do, all of them just stare at each other in silent as each minutes pass by. By the times that Akihito snap out of the trace… he shout at his friends in command. “Shit! We’re going to be late for class!” making both of his friend snapping out too. As the rush to for college, they ran all the way. Not stopping for a full ten minutes. When they gets there, both Kou and Takato was breathing hard while Akihito barely breathing hard, making both role their eyes at his stamina. As they barely walk to, they almost run, upon opening the door, they each gaps at their classroom.

Is empty. Like Empty… staring at the classroom in shock, all of them collapse on the floor. What the hell? Where’s everyone? What… they all thoughts. Just then, Kou snap out of it and role his eyes again.

“We should go check the BP” Kou said finally, BP is the Broad Post announcement that post out announcements for all campus. Both Takato and Akihito nodded in agreement. But before Akihito can get up, Kou pull him up and say something completely unsuspecting, caught both Takato and Akihito in surprise.

“However, Aki-chan. Is best if you stay hide in here for a bit. I mean, your hair, is purple now.” Kou finally informed them, as Takato look at Akihito with a ‘I agree’ face. Not being able to do anything about it. He just nodded in agreement. Making his way to the classroom, since it wasn’t lock (it never was lock, because of a rule in college) he make his way to his own seats. Not noticing that Takato was behind him. As he seated, he notice that Takato sit beside him, too.

“What are you doing?” he asked his friend.

“What does it look like? I’m here to keep you company. Who knows if there’s anyone’s going to come in here after all. You don’t have a plan to explain to them what happen to your eyes and hair, do you?” Takato asked as he told Akihito firmly.

“No, I don’t. By the way, what’s my eye color now?” he asked quietly, knowing that ‘walls have ears’ and he can’t see himself.

“Is almost weird but its dark purple. I can barely make it out in here. Is kinda dark in here after all.” Takato answer.

“Seems like it response to my hair.” Akihito said with a sign.

“No, is your hair responding to your eyes. Not the other way around.”

“Ah! I am going crazy at this rate. Why is this happening to me?” Akihito as in desperate.

“I don’t know Aki, did you eat something weird or some weird medicine?” Takato asked jokingly.

“No, ah… I toke a pill for headache and that’s it.” he explain plainly.

“what? Explain from the beginning Aki.” Takato commanded, knowing that Akihito can’t do anything but explain everything from the start. He start opening his mouth when just then, Kou open the door and come in, looking really tired.

“What’s wrong?” Akihito asked when he notice that Kou was looking very tired

“You wouldn’t believe what just happen. The notice on the BP state that this class will be having a new teacher do to the professor being in the hospital. And what are you guys going to talk about? Don’t you dare talk about it without me.” Kou informed them as he snap the last sentence in warning. Both Akihito and Takato stare at each other before nodding while Kou come sit beside Akihito.

“Well, I was going to talk about what happen last week but since you hear, I might as well as told it to both of you from the beginning. However, I will not accept any complains from you guys. Get that?” Akihito told them as he command the last sentence.

Kou and Takato stare at each other as if they are expecting from the worst, then look back at Akihito and nodded.

As Akihito begin telling them, something else is happening somewhere else, to a someone else.

As Asami sit in a Tufted Distressed Saddle leather sofa, ones that cost around five thousands US dollars, with his leg cross from his chest, looking as hots as the lava from a volcano, he take a look at the intruder that Suoh had caught just three hours ago. Feeling very please that Suoh manage to sniff out an intruder when Asami himself nor Kirishima didn’t even notice. Suoh instincts was the highest amount his bodyguard, even if he is a half. Now then, Asami is very amuse that there’s someone who is as stupid as to sniff around his club when there’s no one backing them up. Feeling amuses and pissed off are one thing from another, amuse for the intruder yet very pissed off that the intruder interrupt what Suoh was going to tell him.

As much as he wanted to shrink the intruder into half, he is also curious about the intruder himself. After all, it seems like the intruder knows who he is, yet still decided to sniff around someone like Asami. Letting his curiosity getting the better out of him, he decided to put off the punishment and finish his work for the day before having fun with the intruder. Smirking to himself at his thought, Suoh and Kirishima exchanges a ‘I know that smirk and what’s coming’ look as they both fought a shiver down their spine, while Asami flips files to files and sign whatever it is that needed to sign and trying to finish the work for the day.

Suoh look at his boss and decided to wait until they get to the boss penthouse before telling anything, for safety of everyone. While waiting for the boss, both Suoh and Kirishima just go on doing whatever that they always does when there at the club. Suoh went around the building checking every safety to increase security while Kirishima stay near Asami for any important tasks, after all, he is a secretary.

While Asami was looking through the files, a knock come from the door. Giving permissions for entrance, Asami look at Suoh as he come in nervously.

“Asami-sama, I found some devices in the kitchen and you would wanted to see it. The security also show something weird, too.” Suoh said nervously at his boss, getting a glare from him.

“Lead the way.” Asami commanded as he raise from his comfortable sofa, looking really annoying. As Suoh lead the way to the devices, Asami toke his times studying each device carefully. After five minutes of silently studying the devices, Asami walk ahead of Suoh to the security camera room. The staff there already know that the boss was coming after Suoh had check on them, so they would prepare to greet the hell lord, bowing together in perfect unison at the boss.

“Asami-sama” they all bow and chorus together. All the staff look up to Asami with loyalty but also fear, knowing perfectly what their boss is cable able of, in society and outside society. Someone’s going to get killed they all thoughts because after seeing the footage, they all knows that the boss is not going to be very happy, more like loyal pissed off. Looking nervously at each others, they make ways for the hell lord with nervous expressions.

Seeing that his subordinates are all looking nervously, he glare at the monitors and signal for the footage to be play, knowing that whatever is coming is not going to be any good to him. Sitting down in a chair that Kirishima offer, Asami focus all his attentions the feed footage. When the head security play the footage in the monitors, the air in the rooms tense so badly that everyone afraid to even breath, all except for Kirishima and Suoh. After a couple of minutes and replaying the footage for a third times, Asami had enough.

Looking very pissed off at what he sees, Asami take out a cigar sticks and Kirishima lite it up for him. Suoh and Kirishima exchanges a known glances, knowing that there will more than one dead of a person and is not going to make the hell lord any happier. Breathing out that cigar smoke, Asami signal for Suoh, knowing that his cable able bodyguard already get everything in order for him to see. Seeing the signal, Suoh walks up to the boss with a red boss.

Putting the box on the table gently so that his boss can see the box, Suoh slowly open the box as Asami raised up to see what’s inside it; a completely black card with a signature pin. The pin was pin on to the card with a flower design on the pin’s head. Picking up the card with a gloves on, Suoh remove the pin from the card as he shows the hell lord the message on the card. Find your soul-mate was on the card with a painting of Heaven, Earth, and hell merge close together in the solar system. Immediately relax after seeing the painting, Asami glare at the word on the painting. Soul-mate? Me? Who in hell are you joking. Asami think to himself as he glare at the painting knowing that he will have to find more information on in.

Asami know the card’s painting, is from hell’s most important prophecy and soul Raiser; Tsumori, his twin sister. Is has being more than two thousand years that he haven’t seen or heard from her ever since she went missing. The card was one of a kind that his sister painted herself so he knows that is from his sister. Looking really annoying, Asami sit back into the chair while exhaling the cigar smoke. He is going to have to visit hell sooner than he thinks.

Somewhere in a place where Heaven, Earth or Hell can not reach, a young girl with long dark red hair seat under a large blossom tree, smiling like she knows what just happen. It is night times there where the moon is so near to the trees that you could almost touch it, if not illusions. A long lake steam down near by the large tree, illuminating the reflections of the moon, making the surrounding glows with twilight. The girl smile at the moon while whispering words that no one can understand. As tears fall from her eyes, you could almost think that her eye is yellow, however, as soon as the tears left her face, you can tell that her eyes is golden with line of dark red surrounding it, making the most beautiful eyes ever.

As the girl close her eyes to the moon, the air blow her hair away from her face as twilight changes her color to dark purple. Opening her eyes as it shine like a light was inside it. The girl stares still at the moon, frozen in place as a visions come to her. Not moving even if the wind around her are so strong that every leaves near by got blow thousand of miles away. Upon opening her eyes, a smile or more like a smirk come from her full lips. Is time for the prophecy to take place. Who would have thoughts that is for Ryuichi, my dear brother. She thoughts with a smirk. Brother, the times has come for you to fulfill your old promise to your soul-mate. You can not run away this time, Ryuichi. But wow, your soul-mate is very feisty this time, but then again, so is last time. You will be in a very tough position this time, my dear brother. As the girl smile with tears in her eyes, she look at the moon longing to return. Return to her beloved brother’s side and have him protect her like old times.

Smiling sadly, knowing that is impossible for her to go anywhere. The time that flow in her little dimensions are different from Heaven, Earth or Hell. Ever since her soul-mate and her got separate, her times has being flowing differently and she knows why. Falling in love with a human is one of the forbidding laws in Hell. Yet, he’s her soul-mate, she can’t help but fall in love, even if she have to leave everything is she believe in, she’ll still choose her soul-mate. Smiling softly at the memory while she look at the full moon, she can feel that her spirit is getting stronger and stronger.

Smirking, she make a face at the moon, softly whispering to herself. Is almost time for reunion with my beloved brother and son. But… why can’t I see you? Thinking to herself as tears fall from her face straight to the ground, making the grass belong her bloom flower all around. A women in love’s tears are the most powerful and pure substance in her realm. Feeding the realm itself, taking the image from the tears.

Looking at the flowers, letting the twilight shine on them, making they glow. She smile with a sad face. Yunaki, our son is growing up looking exactly like you. How am I going to face him with the truth? I…will he hate me for leaving him and you? Will you hate me for choosing this path? Will you forgive me? As much as times has pass by, for thousands of years, I can’t never move on from this spot, my love. To think that my brother’s soul-mat is our son, I don’t know if they will be happy together, Yunaki. Our son’s power’s awaking, however, is not enough. They need one another to make a whole, Yunaki. Yunaki. Yunaki. Yunaki… I can’t see anything… I can’t see if they aren’t together, Yunaki. We both know that choosing this path is like running blindly to our destination. But then again, who am I to judge when that’s what I did to you and our son. The girl smile again as tears flow from her eyes as the moon shine on her face, illuminating her surrounding, making everything glow as the wind pick up the tears from her face.

Looking at the moon, she close her eyes as her hair changed to another color, smiling softly as she lets her emotion run wild in her blood. Smirking when a new vision come to her. Opening her eyes again, the color change to light blue. Chanting a spell, a red box appear in her hand. Chanting another spell combine with a strong magic circle as the circle appear after the chanting. Smiling, she throw the box into the circle as she watch is swallow the box and vanished along with it. Smirking, she look at the moon with an eye full of mischief and plans.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Title: To Find the Finder

Chapter: 5 Akira Shousaki Meeting Akihito


After telling Kou and Takato what they needed to know, including his headache. Kou stare at Akihito suspiciously while Takato had a worried look on. Not knowing what else to do, Akihito just stare at the floor with his head on the desk. As Kou and Takato look at each other then at Akihito, not wanting to upset the situation anymore than its already is, they both just shrunk at each other and look at Akihito. Kou petted Akihito’s back while Takato pet his head, causing Akihito to blush. I’m not a kid! He thought but didn’t moved and let his friend comfort him.

As minutes passed by, Akihito had enough petting and lift his head up so fast that it surprises his friends.

“Okay, that’s it. No more petting. For real, no more.” Akihito say with with a sign. As Kou and Takato smile at Akihito, thinking And he’s back. Then Akihito remember that Kou hasn’t clear the current situation just yet.

“Kou, what happen to class today? Is it cancel?” He asked.

“Yep, the professor is at the hospital. The BP says that in one week, the new professor will be coming so this whole week is break for Calculus class. Is a good thing for the break, but I wonder which hospital is the prof. Stay at.” Kou added.

“Yeah, I wanna know too” Takato says looking at kou.

“Okay, since that’s the case, what about other classes? “

“other classes are okay. Oh, by the way, your Tech class post a notes on the broad, saying that there will be no class for this week too.” Kou told Akihito. Out of their friends, only Akihito have Tech class which teaches encryption for internet. Akihito’s class are way to advanced for Kou and Takato so they left it alone.

“that’s weird. That class never have a break period. I mean, never before does the professor give students a break in there. Always yelling something about the faster the better.” Akihito commented.

“That’s good then because, Aki, your hair changes color again.” Kou say pointing at his head while Takato signed out loud.

“Urg, what is happening to me?!” Akihito say rubbing his head trying to tug the hair in frustration.

“We have no clue, Aki. Maybe you should go see a prophet just in case. I know my aunt will be please to help you.”

“Takato, I know what you mean but did you forget what happen last time she look for me. The ball crack, you know. She says that magic or spell doesn’t work on me, making it impossible to tell future to.” Akihito reminded them. That time, when Kou and Takato was trying to cheer him up because of the break up that he had with his high school date. However, not only does it not working, its also very strange. Then they try Taro card and the card come out total black. The Taro master says that if he picked up white card then is one things but a total black has never happening before. Akihito take that as a warning and never go back to future reading or any prediction reading. He can not use horoscope neither because he’s birthday isn’t his real one. So there’s nothing that he can do about it.

Kou and Takato look at each other in understanding as Akihito sign at them.

“Aki, but if magic or spell works on you. How come your hairs and eyes changes every freakin’ now and then? Maybe something happen and you can use magic now, like this morning. So can we at least try to find the answer?” Takato plead his friend. Hah… what’s the harm then? There’s nothing to lose anymore anyway. So why not? Akihito thoughts as he signed out loud.

“Okay, fine. But she can’t know that my hair can change color. Okay?” Akihito quickly added. Kou and Takato both nodded at his answer. “Okay then, since I don’t have class right now, I’m going home. Called me after class and make sure to call your aunt before we go there. I need to call my workplace, too.” Akihito commanded as he stand up from his seat. His friends only nodded at him and then he left through the door. Making his way to the gift shop before going home, he enter the store without making a noise. Looking for the cloths sections of the store, Akihito spot a black hat with his college’s logic on it. Picking it up without any hesitation, he make his way to the register to pay for it.

The store was completely empty except for a he register lady and him. Of course, after all, there’s a lot of classes being cancel this week, so no one was in the building except for professors and couple of students. As the register lady saw him, she smile as she scan the hat. Paying for the hat as he left the store, he put the hat on hiding almost his face and his hair. Smiling, satisfying at his purchase, Akihito run straight home.

At his penthouse, Asami stare at his phone, waiting for Suoh to call informing him of the process of having him leave for Hell for two days, the paper work involved is not a joke. As a knock sounded at the door, Kirishima walk in quietly and bow at his boss.

“Asami-sama, everything is ready for your department.” Kirishima inform.

“Make sure everything is double check and inform of what is to be expecting when I come back. I want the mouse to be found by then.” Asami order.

“Hai, Asami-sama.” Kirishima answer as he’s phone vibrate. Taking out his phone answering it with a commanded tone. Kirishima flow at the conversation before turning to his boss to broke the news.

“Asami-sama, there’s a problem with the intruder that Suoh capture yesterday. It seems that he had escape using the air venture.” Kirishima inform nervously. Knowing that his boss is not going to be happy with the news, and as he predicted, the air tenses so bad that the glass on the near by table shuttered into pieces as Kirishima hold his ground, getting use to the temper already. After all, working for Asami is never easy. In the past, he something wonder if there is actually someone who will be able to match with the hell lord, however as times goes on, the thoughts vanished like air.

“When did he escape?” Asami asked darkly.

“The guards where outside all the times when they suspected that something is wrong, they went in to check only to find the air venture open and the rope on the floor, with blood trace leading outside where the blood suddenly disappear. It happen five minutes ago, sir.” Kirishima inform as he imaging what’s the guards punishment is going to be, properly one thousand push up, one thousand sit up, and ten miles running. All in one day. And that’s for human only. And this happen when Asami-sama was about to head to Hell, too. What a bad timing.

“Find the asshole, I want him alive.” Asami glare coldly as he order his secretary. Phone still in hand, Kirishima press a button and repeat the order to the guards. Not waiting for answer, he hang up the phone just as Suoh steps inside with a folder of papers for the boss to sign and documents before the finalize.

“Asami-sama, these are the require documents that you must sign before signing the real ones with bloods, sir.” Suoh bow as he firmly told the boss. Paper from the human realm to the death’s always require the signer to be signed in his or her own blood. Some of the paper require more than one signature and the other require only one. There are always more than one conditions to fulfill before any supernatural beings in the human realm can steps into Hell. After all, human simple turn to ash there without a proper document in hands. They’re like a charm or ticket to Hell and back. Some never come back. Those come back never go back. There’s a few exceptions but you can count them in one hand totals.

Looking at the folder’s Suoh holding, Asami can’t help but rubbed his forehead from the coming headache. Asami like the human realm, controlling it is very satisfying but the paper work for this particular jobs isn’t something that someone can finish in one day, is humanly impossible. But Asami is not human so he can do it in one hour or so. Reading and scanning the paper for any misleading conduct, then signing it with dark ink pen. As he goes through papers after papers. Kirishima’s phone vibrate, answering it quickly.

“Asami-sama, the guard had found the intruder but there’s a young man alone with him. It seems like they accidentally collide into each other when the young notices the injured on his body and offer to take him to the hospital. The guards who found them watched as the young man try to help but the intruder hit the young man’s head and knock him out cold. What are your order sir?” Kirishima informed the hell lord as he calmly hope that Asami wouldn’t do anything to the young man. After all is not a secret that their boss swing both way.

“Take the boy to a hospital and make sure that he’s okay.” Asami say after Kirishima inform him.

“Hai” Kirishima say as he speak to the phone, instructing the guards to take the young man to the hospital when suddenly, the conversation was cut cold with cursing in the background. Hearing just before the phone called end, a shit that asshole hit me for trying to help him?! In a very angry voice that make even Kirishima shrink. Of course, the sound didn’t go unnoticed by the boss or Suoh. Asami smirk while Suoh look shocked at the voices.

As Akihito run straight home at the speed so fast that could be the fastest record on his life time, trying to get home so no one can see his hair color when suddenly, he collided into a man in suits with bloody face and holding on to his own arm. Shocked at what he see, he forgot about his own situation and worry about the man instead. Just then, three man in black suits come into views as they approached Akihito, resulting the injuring man into panic mode as he try to get away from them. Seeing that he’s being chased, suddenly adrenaline rushed into his blood making Akihito very excited at the situation. Not noticing that he’s hair color has return to its nature color, except his eyes.

“Let go of me!” the man shouted at Akihito.

“Your injured! You have to go to the hospital!” Akihito yield back worrying. Seeing that if he didn’t get away fast enough, he’ll get caught. He did the only thing that come to his mind. He hit the young man’s head hard enough to killed a cow, resulting the fall of the boy as he run away as fast as possible. Looking back, he saw one of Asami’s man holding the young man’s as he talk on the phone while the other two run after him.

Shit! This is what I got from being nice?! Akihito snap as the force hit his head, making his headache come back. Pissed of that this is what he got for being nice, he cursed out loud. “shit! That asshole hit me for trying to help him?!” while looking at the man in suits as he hold a phone in his ears as the man help Akihito. Not wanting the help, he blamed them for chasing the injured man. Not knowing what to do, the man froze as if he can feel Akihito’s angry sending chilled out of him. What the hell is this kid? Even Asami-sama cold attitude can send down fear like that in me. The man thoughts as he noticed that the young man was already up and about.

“Thanks for the help. But I’m fine.” Akihito quickly say as he glare at the directions that the injured man run to, thinking that when they meet again, he’s going to send him straight to hell. Unfortunately, he said it out loud making the man in black chuckle.

“I’m sorry for laughing but can you please let me take you to the hospital. My boss order are absolute, you see. If I don’t make sure that you’re okay after involving you in this mess, my boss will skin me alive.” The man plead silently as he told Akihito. For some reason the man can’t named, he feel trusted and safe and worry for the young man, wondering if the head injured will hurt. As if Akihito seeing the man’s worry, he quickly answer.

“I’m fine, sir. Don’t worry about me. I did Karate for years so this little forces isn’t enough to hurt me. But if you worry then I won’t stop you for checking but I have a meeting in couples of hours, so if you can make it fast then. Please do” Akihito say nicely as he smile at the man, making him blushed. As the man make a phone call, he take Akihito into a taxis and soon they arrived at a private hospital.

“I don’t think I have the money for a private hospital.” Akihito quickly said as he noticed the hospital, thinking that his wallet’s kinda empty at the moment. When the man laughed at it, it cause Akihito to glare at him, freezing him instantly.

“Don’t worry about the feed. My boss own this hospital and order for me to take you here. The feed has being paid by him as a sorry.” The man told Akihito, making his jaw dropped.

“Tell your boss I give my Thank You” Akihito softly whispered.

As the man lead Akihito to the exam room, the examination was quicker than he had thoughts. After the doctor told him that nothing is broken or is there any injured at all. Akihito smile at the man as he thanks the doctor.

“Ah! my name is Takaba. Thank you for taking care of me.” Akihito thanks the man, knowing that he should feel grateful for the help. But don’t wanted reveal who he is to the man, after all, he his a stranger to Akihito. Better be safe then sorry.

“Oh don’t be. It was nothing. I’m Akira. If you needed anything, please come find me at clue Shion.” Akira said as he handed him a card with his information on it. It read ‘Akira Shousaki, Bodyguard, Club Shion. The card look very fashion, causing a gasp from Akihito, surprising at the thick card as he bow to Akira and walk out. Stopping only to look at the clock, it read: Three-fifteen. Akihito froze.

“Ah! Shit! I’m going to be late! Thank you Akira-san! I have to run! Bye!” Akihito wave at Akira as he literally run as fast as he can, thinking ‘shit! Kou and Takato is going to killed me for being late’ as he take out his phone and called his workplace, informing them that he had to visit a sick relatives for two days and promise to make it up the next. He didn’t lied. The place that he’s going to is where Kou, Takato and Akihito had growth up together for fifteen years. And he’s aunt is still there, even if his parents had left the world for ten years already. He doesn’t want to go back there after that accident.

Looking after a running young man away, The doctor look at Akira in brimming, shocking at the speed that the young man can run, so as Akira. Damn, that was fast. I doubt that I can catch up with that. I might be the fastest human in Asami’s guards team but if the enemy are as fast as Takaba then… shit I need more training. Akira silently stare at the back of Takaba who is already long gone. Just as he think that he needed more training, a sudden chilled ran through his back as the phone ring.

“Akira desu. Hai, Kirishima-san. Hai. Everything is taken care of. Hai. Hai. Yoh had caught intruder already. Hai. Hai.” Akira answer as he make his way out of the hospital. Just before he can get to the front, a black object caught his eyes as he stare at it. Hanging up the phone, he pick up the object, a hat? Huh? Is it this Takaba-kun’s hat? He must have drop it. Well, running that fast away, I’m not surprise. Looking at the hat, he noticed that the names on the hat belong to a very hard to get to college near there. In fact, it only take thirty minutes walking from where he is.

Not knowing what to do, he take the hat back to the clue while waiting for Kirishima to order him. Making his way to the basement where they kept the intruder, the guard on the door bow at him while looking at his hand. Oh I forgot this. Oh well, I’ll give it to him in case he make an appearance here. I give him my card after all. Akira thinks while smiling, surprising the bodyguard. “Do your job carefully if you don’t have a death wish. If the rat escape again, both of your lives will be use to paid for it” Akira warn the guys, making the stiff as they nodded.

By the time that Akihito get home, take a shower, cook and finished eating, Kou and Takato was already at the door ringing the door bell. Opening the door for his friends, he make his way back to the table as he clean up the dishes and washed them.

“You ready, Aki?..” Kou started before frozen and look at Akihito. Now what? Did my hair change again? Huh? Where’s my hat? Huh?! Oh shit! Did I drop it somewhere?! Don’t tell me!… Akihito thoughts as he look at Kou. But before he can asked Kou, Takato was already happily exclaim at him.

“Aki-chan! Your hair is back! Well, excepts your eyes…” Takato explain happily.

“Really?” Akihito asked desperately.

“Seeing is better than words” Kou added while pointing to the bathroom. Running to the bathroom with his friends, Akihito smile when he see’s he hair color. Feeling so happy that tears fell on his cheeks, Kou and Takato hug him tightly. Then suddenly, he headache that he haven’t feel for like so long kick in and make he faint in their arms. The last thing that Akihito can see or hear is Kou and Takato shouting his named.

okay! Finish! Chapter five is really completely weird… the next chapter will be the meeting of Asami and Akihito! Look forward to it!~_~ 0_o… Pm me if there’s questions. Comments/reviews and critics are welcome… Thanks for reading this!

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